Coaching for professionals and leaders to drive change and meaningful results.  Through a trusted partnership, you will be guided to find your own best solutions and achieve your goals.

I enjoy working with professionals at all stages of their career. My experience as a lawyer, senior manager, executive, and now professional and leadership coach enables me to help you to turn your complex problems and competing demands into manageable objectives so you can reach your potential and the results you want.

Why Coaching?

Like many busy professionals, you might find yourself with the same questions and to-do lists floating in the back of your mind. Uncertain of what to focus on or how to begin, you worry about risking your valuable time and opt to continue attending to the immediate tasks of your work. You may wonder whether you are moving forward as quickly as you could be, and if your decisions are sound. You may feel that you have potential that is not being accessed.

These questions are very common among professionals. A customized coaching program can help you discover what’s been holding you back, learn how to break and remake patterns, and move forward in productive ways to create sustainable change and reach your goals. You can expect to identify and build your strengths, gain confidence and resiliency, and work through challenges without judgement. Together we will explore different perspectives and approaches and develop awareness of blind spots. Expect a mental workout that won’t always be easy, but will be rewarding and productive.

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Here are some of the issues my clients have tackled with help from professional coaching:

  • dealing with difficult conversations
  • developing for the next career level
  • sharpening leadership skills
  • strengthening workplace relationships
  • leading change initiatives
  • return from maternity/paternity leave
  • practice management
  • clarifying career path and transition planning
  • work-life fit
  • business development

“As a Certified Executive Coach, I work with lawyers and other professionals at all stages of practice. Through one-to-one coaching, you can identify and build your strengths, gain confidence and self-awareness, and work through challenges without judgement. Together we will explore different perspectives and approaches and develop awareness of potential blind spots. Expect a mental workout that won’t always be easy, but will be rewarding and productive. You can expect to walk away with increased clarity, strategies, and action and accountability plans that suit your needs.”

The Process


Initial Consultation

Our first step together, before we start any coaching engagement, is to meet to get to know each other and assess your needs. I promise that I will be honest with you about whether or not I think we are a good fit. Based on our initial consultation, I will provide recommendations on the length and frequency of engagements that are best suited to achieving your goals as well as give you an overview of all fees. To achieve lasting results, I often recommend a minimum three-month engagement.

Scheduling Coaching Sessions

Together, we will schedule your coaching sessions and get you started on your path to success. Most clients prefer to have their 60-minute sessions held two or three times a month to maximize momentum and implement their learning most effectively. To start, I recommend in-person meetings to build a rapport and establish a relationship, but then you may find the flexibility of telephone or online video sessions more convenient and efficient over time.

Goal Setting & Planning

In our first session I will be eager to discover your strengths and your challenges and learn about your desired outcomes so we can create a roadmap that will lead you to your goals. As new challenges or goals come up, we will address them and adjust the roadmap as needed. We will refer back to this roadmap at each session so we can track your progress and ensure that we are on the right path. This is your plan and I am here to help you achieve what is most important to you.

My Story

There have been times over the course of my career when I have felt uncertain, frustrated and overwhelmed. Sometimes this was a result of others’ actions, and sometimes it was due to my own self-doubt and fears. There were times when I wanted to grow and better myself but felt that I didn’t have the know-how or the resources to support me. I often wished I had someone who could help me navigate my way through those troubled waters. Someone supportive and trustworthy. Someone who could help me to have the greatest possible impact in my work and professional life. I muddled through, but it wasn’t easy and I made a lot of mistakes.

I was fearful and intimidated when I moved from private law practice to working in the broader justice system and in particular working with the judiciary. I was scared that I didn’t have the right experience and wouldn’t know how to interact in this new and unique environment. Looking back, I wish that I had been aware of and tried different approaches to managing workplace challenges as well as my own professional growth and development.

I began to take on senior management and executive leadership roles. I hesitated, thinking initially that I had limited training and experience with managing large budgets and staffing groups, but what I did not anticipate was the number of competing demands and pressures I would be faced with so quickly. Not wanting to reveal my vulnerabilities, I ventured forward often learning “the hard way”. In hindsight, I wish I had better awareness of my strengths, values, leadership skills and potential.

Don’t get me wrong, I was ultimately successful and learned much, but along the way I recognized how much more confident and successful I could have been if I had someone in my corner to guide and support me to develop my strengths and overcome barriers. I decided to harness that knowledge and experience and become that person for others. I am now the trusted confidant that professionals and leaders rely on to guide them through their challenges and champion them as they find their own best solutions.

This is who I continually aspire to be as a professional and leadership coach and consultant.


Karmen’s Credentials

Since earning a law degree from the University of Alberta and being admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1997, Karmen has worked in private and government practice and in senior management and executive roles, and has also taught law. Karmen’s professional experience includes positions such as Executive Legal Counsel to the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench, Review and Assessment Officer, and Executive Director of Court of Queen’s Bench Administration where she led teams of 275 employees across Alberta. Through this Karmen learned the value of a shared vision, the benefit of strategic planning, and the importance of strong leadership in creating and fostering inspired teams.

Dedicated to supporting others’ personal and professional growth and development, Karmen’s mission is to bring out the best in people and champion them as they define and create the success they want. It was both the challenges and successes of her professional experience that led Karmen to earn a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.

“I enjoy working with professionals at all stages of their career – from seasoned professionals who want to connect and engage more effectively, to new professionals and aspiring leaders who want to carve a path to the next level. My experience as a lawyer, executive, and now professional and leadership coach enables me to help you to turn your complex problems and competing demands into manageable objectives so you can achieve your full potential and the results you want.”

Interactive Skill Development

Take a Coach-Approach 

In this interactive skill-building workshop, participants will discuss the differences between the roles they play in the workplace, and when and how to apply key coaching skills to improve work relationships and achieve desired results. By sharing her experience and guiding participants as they practice new skills, Karmen creates a safe, supportive and effective learning environment. As a half-day introduction, or full-day session, discussion and practice scenarios are customized to meet your organization’s needs.   

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Need to discuss performance, give feedback or raise concerns? Hesitating to tell others about an upcoming change? This half-day workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to have more effective interactions with clients, team-members, colleagues and others. Participants will learn strategies and key skills for managing emotionally charged situations, and employ a process to move conversations in a productive direction. With an additional 2 – 3 hours, this workshop can also include behavioral-style reports for each participant and team-building activities. 

What’s Holding You Back?

Revive and re-energize your commitment to your goals with this workshop. This is a pivotal workshop, introducing participants to the common pitfalls that leave professionals feeling short on time, energy and a lack of focus. Participants are guided through a process that helps them increase self-awareness, build on their individual and team strengths and values, and develop key strategies to overcome barriers and develop action and accountability plans. This workshop may be offered as a one hour introduction, or a 3-hour interactive session.  

Keynote Presentations

I inspire people to want themselves, their teams, and their organizations to be better, particularly when times are tough and change seems insurmountable. In my keynote presentations, I provide audiences of all ‘shapes and sizes’ with real-world ways to move forward, over hurdles, and be their best in all aspects of personal and professional life. Designed specifically to address your organization’s needs and objectives, I will work with you to tailor topics such as those listed below:

  • Transformational Conversations
  • Finding the Leader Within
  • Building Your Power Team
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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Planning Session Facilitation

A facilitator provides you with the assistance you need to host effective planning sessions in which all parties can participate and focus on the most important issues. Employing my skills as an executive coach, and drawing on over twenty years of professional, leadership and post-secondary instruction experience, I design and facilitate planning sessions for maximum engagement and results that leave participants, and their organizations, feeling confident that they are on track to achieving their best outcomes.

If you have questions about facilitation or would like to book Karmen to facilitate your upcoming planning session, click here.

“Coaching has changed how I view my role as a leader. It has allowed me to find a vision and goals for my teams I was lacking before. Where I was lurching from one situation, one problem to another, I now have an overarching view that will guide me going forward. Coaching has caused me to think more critically about the situations my teams face and come up with new strategies that wouldn’t have occurred to me before I began coaching. I have told my colleagues – “coaching has helped me solve problems I didn’t know I had”

“Coaching with Karmen has helped me to grow as a leader by guiding me to not only see situations and challenges from different perspectives, but also by helping me pull my own ideas and solutions to the surface and put them into action. Karmen provides a safe environment to grow and learn and is truly invested in the success of the people she coaches.”

“Karmen created a safe coaching environment for me, where I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and really examine myself as a leader. Her questions were gentle, which allowed me the freedom to discover new things about myself, and how I could become a more effective leader.”


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